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Active Align Yoga

Sunday, September 24th at 02:30 pm (in your local timezone)

Join us from September 22nd to 24th for a transformative virtual yoga experience like no other – Yoga Fest, a star-studded event dedicated to supporting the Trini Yoga Foundation. Our renowned yoga teachers from around the globe are uniting with one common goal: CHANGING THE STIGMA. September is National Recovery Month, and we’re shining a light on Trini Foundation’s mission to provide free yoga scholarships for those on the path to recovery. Let’s erase outdated stereotypes and inspire compassionate conversations together. Be part of this incredible journey, sign up, practice, donate, and know that all proceeds go directly to the Trini Yoga Foundation, making a tangible impact on those in need. Join us in being part of the solution today! SUGGESTED DONATION $25 Deepen and expand your understanding of yoga anatomy through applied practice. These classes focus on a winning combination of alignment precision and strengthening technique. This series is designed to get you thinking about the physical and energetic nuances of each posture, while you get an energizing and invigorating workout along the way.

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Join Mariel and 24 other yogis
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Mariel Little

Dr. Mariel Little is a lifelong lover of movement. She started a long career as an athlete at a young age and won multiple national titles in martial arts and volleyball. Yoga entered her life serendipitously in 2007 at a time when she needed it most, depleted from the rigors of a competitive lifestyle. She quickly became a dedicated student and studied with many wise teachers across different styles of practice. Mariel began teaching yoga after completing her first teacher training in 2013. Since then, she has participated in numerous other trainings, but she is most grateful for the opportunity to study with Richard Freeman & Mary Taylor in...

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