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Yoga Drills

July 24th at 05:00 PM UTC

Yoga Drills with Paige isn’t just about cultivating physical strength and flexibility. It’s about empowering yourself and expanding your own mind as well (if you don’t believe you can do it, it definitely won’t happen!). Paige believes that everything we need for this practice can be found within Ashtanga’s sequences and within ourselves — but sometimes we need a little boost to reactivate dormant parts of ourselves. Together, we’ll work on the building blocks of specific poses and movements. You’ll leave this class feeling motivated and empowered to tackle whatever challenges your practice throws your way!

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Join Paige and 7 other yogis, 8 days from now on July 24th
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Paige Morency

Paige discovered yoga while cross-training for the Marine Corps Marathon over 13 ago, and has been practicing daily ever since. She soon found that yoga brings life into balance; it energizes, while grounding; it strengthens, while limbering; it encourages, while humbling; it is external, yet every bit internal. She has studied with Sharath Jois, Kino MacGregor, Tim Feldmann, Dena Kingsberg, David Robson, Jelena Vesic, Pedro Rubio, Maryl Baldridge, Jen Rene, & Michael Joel Hall (Ashtanga), David Kyle (Rocket), and Mimi Rieger (Power Vinyasa). She's been a daily Mysore-Style Ashtanga practitioner and teacher for 10 years, channeling many of th...

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