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Breathwork & Mindfulness: The Science of Using Breath for Meditation

August 17th at 04:00 PM UTC

Join our 1.5-hour workshop to explore and practice five fundamental breathing techniques that support a healthy nervous system and build resilience. These methods help calm the mind, making stillness more accessible. In this workshop, accompanied by a workbook, we will: • Learn the science behind breathwork and mindfulness • Practice foundational techniques • Develop a plan to integrate mindfulness into daily life Cultivate greater resilience and live more intentionally aligned with your highest good.

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Join Franci and 8 other yogis, 4 weeks from now on August 17th
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Franci Blanco

Franci Blanco is a meditation and yogic breathing teacher. She is the founder of Happy Hearts Yoga Project. The Happy Hearts Yoga Project is a collective of yogis and heart healers, whose primary objective is to "gently shake the world" with a focus on improving our communities from the inside, out, and beyond. Through yoga practice, meditation, and charitable givings to ethical causes, The Happy Hearts Yoga Project works to relieve stress and spread love with responsible philanthropy. With healthy bodies and happy hearts, the goal at The Happy Hearts Yoga Project is to engage with, educate, and give back to our community.​

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