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WORKSHOP: The Secrets of Yoga: The Marriage of Shiva-Shakti

Sunday, June 6th at 04:00 pm (in your local timezone)

A workshop that incorporates both philosophy and practice. We will look at the metaphorical language used in India to describe a very real awakening process within our mind and body. Learn about how the goddess power and union of opposites brings about the experience of Yoga. This class will include an introduction to Pranayama, Chanting and Meditation practices.

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Harmony Slater

I know exactly how it feels to struggle with balancing a deep-rooted desire for perfectionism with a need to let go and surrender. As an Ashtanga yoga practitioner, I am your typical "A-Type" personality. As a child and into my youth, I spent many years training to become a ballet dancer, which fuel my addiction to perfectionism, resulting in a serious eating disorder and alcohol dependency at a young age. I was grasping at trying to gain some control over an overwhelming onslaught of negative thoughts that were consuming me. I would go in and out of periods of heavy depression and I longed for a deeper connection to something beyond ...

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