How to do Vashistasana (Side Plank)

Vashistasana, or the Side Plank Pose, is a powerful pose that strengthens the entire body and especially works on strengthening your core. Asymmetrical poses like this are excellent for discovering which side of your body is weaker than the other and for building symmetrical strength.

Despite how challenging this pose looks, it can be performed by almost anyone with some practice.

Before looking at how to do the pose, let’s look at the benefits and contraindications.

Benefits of vashistasana

  • Improves your posture and balance
  • Strengthens your core, arms, wrists, legs and glutes
  • Increases muscle tone in the body
  • Helps to improve circulation throughout the body

Contraindications of vashistasana

  • Wrist or shoulder injuries
  • High blood pressure
  • Pregnancy (after the first trimester)

How to do side plank

Now let’s take a look at how to do this pose. Here are step-by-step instructions:

Begin in plank pose. Walk your right hand a little bit forward and shift your weight onto your right side.

Rotate your leg so you are on the outer edge of your right foot and your legs are stacked on top of each other.

Bring your left arm up towards the sky and stack it on top of your right arm so that both arms are parallel to each other.

Lift through your hips and press your feet firmly into the ground.

Engage your core muscles and keep your head in line with your spine, looking straight ahead or slightly up at the ceiling.

If this is difficult for you and you feel unstable, stay here. If you feel like you are ready, you can raise your left foot.

To do so, externally rotate your left hip joint and raise your leg.

Grab your big toe with your left hand.

Hold for 5-10 breaths and slowly come out of the pose.

Repeat the same steps on the other side.

That’s how you do vashistasana! With a little practice, this pose can become an integral part of your yoga practice, helping to bring strength and balance to your body and mind.

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