Sweet Potato Chili

For everyone around the world experiencing the arrival of cooler weather, you’re probably craving something warm and filling to cozy you up on those rainy or snowy grey evenings. That’s where this Sweet Potato Chili recipe comes in handy.

Sydney’s currently in this weird half winter/half spring state where somedays are so warm your only option is to wear a swim suit, and other days are so cold you wouldn’t even dream of going outside. On one of those freezing days in Bondi as I watched the palm trees bend and sway dangerously in the insane wind, I got a craving for a big bowl of chili.

I enjoyed this healthy, protein packed meal so much that I obviously had to share it with you all! It’s not very spicy and has a mild, tomatoey flavor. If you prefer your chili to have more of a punch, add in an extra table spoon of the chili powder and paprika. This recipe makes a HUGE amount–be aware!! You’ll have leftovers for days! It’s best shared with a friend or loved one under a warm blanket 🙂

Sweet Potato Chili

-two sweet potatoes, diced

-four Yukon gold potatoes or two Russet potatoes

-one can (~14 oz) whole corn kernels, drained

-one can (~14 oz) kidney beans, drained

-one can (~14 oz) black beans

-4 carrots, cut into dimes

-2 28 oz cans crushed tomatoes

-2 tbs chili powder

-1.5 tbs paprika

-1 tbs sugar

-1 tbs salt (plus more if you need it after taste testing

-1 tbs garlic

-1 tbs cumin

-1 tbs cracked black pepper

-.5 tbs vegan cocoa powder


-2 cups rice, cooked

Raw Vegan Cashew Cheese, for garnish

-fresh lemon

-fresh spinach

After you’ve prepped your veggies, toss them in a large pot. Pour in the cans of crushed tomato, kidney beans, black beans, and corn. Add in your spices and seasonings. Mix together until the spices have been evenly distributed throughout the chili. Make sure the potatoes and carrots are covered by the liquid. Cover and let simmer for about thirty minutes. The chili is done when it smells fragrant and aromatic, and the potatoes and carrots are fork tender. Enjoy on top of rice and fresh spinach with a squeeze of fresh lemon and a dollop of my easy Raw Vegan Cashew Cheese!

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